Welcome to the List of Abbreviations page. You can find any abbreviations used in computer and game data here, as well as their meaning, some useful conversions which might help you, and the way to pronounce it.

File, RAM and VRAM Size Abbreviations

Abbreviation Full Meaning Conversions Pronunciation
Byte Byte Byte conversions Bite
GB Gigabyte Gigabyte conversions Gig-a-bite
KB Kilobyte Kilobyte conversions Kill-o-bite
MB Megabyte Megabyte conversions Mega-bite
TB Terabyte Terabyte conversions Terror-bite

Processor Speed Abbreviations

Abbreviation Full Meaning Conversions Pronunciation
GHz Gigahertz Gigahertz conversions Gig-a-hurts
Hz Hertz Hertz conversions Hurts
KHz Kilohertz Kilohertz conversions Kill-o-hurts
MHz Megahertz Megaherts conversions Mega-hurts
THz Terahertz Terahertz conversions Terror-hurts

Other Computer Abbreviations

Abbreviation Full Meaning Conversions Pronunciation
BD-ROM Blu-ray read-only-memory BD-ROM conversions Blue-ray-rom
CD-ROM Compact disc read-only-memory CD-ROM conversions C-D-rom
DVD-ROM - Digital versatile disc read-only-memory
- Digital video disc read-only-memory
DVD-ROM conversions D-V-D-rom
RAM Random-access-memory RAM conversions Ram
VRAM Video-random-access-memory VRAM conversions V-ram

Length and Width Measurement Abbreviations

Abbreviation Full Meaning Conversions Pronunciation
CM - Centimetre
- Centimeter
Centimetre conversions Sent-e-meet-er
IN Inch Inch conversions Inch
MM - Millimetre
- Millimeter
Millimetre conversions Mill-e-meet-er
Pica Pica Pica conversions Pike-er
PT Point Point conversions Point
PX Pixel Pixel conversions Picks-ul

Wiki and Forum Abbreviations

Abbreviation Full Meaning Pronunciation
FAQ - Frequently asked question
- Frequently asked questions
ZT Zoo Tycoon Zoo Tycoon
ZT2 Zoo Tycoon 2 Zoo Tycoon 2
ZTDC Zoo Tycoon Download Center Z-T-D-C

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